Khazar is one of the god NPCs from Black & White.

In Land 1, he saves the player from Nemesis by opening a vortex to Land 2.

In return for the player's help against Lethys, he teaches him/her about disciples, worshipping and the worship site, new miracles such as fireball and physical shield, and gestures.

He also sends a craftsman from his own village, which in turn, helps the player to build his/her settlement by teaching him/her about the workshop and scaffoldings (rewarding the player with the forest miracle, should he/she succeed in his gold story scroll quest).

Khazar encourages the player to gain influence over the land towards Lethys, so they can defeat him, but after the player proves to be too strong (by taking many villages), Nemesis shows up, destroying one of Khazar's villages with many fireballs. Angered at Lethys for failing to stop player, Nemesis uses the power of three creeds to destroy Khazar's temple, killing him in the process. Nemesis also kills Khazar's creature and orders Lethys (who sends in his creature) to retrieve the piece of the creed that's inside the creature's dead body.


  • Sometimes, when the player encounters Khazar for the first time, a bug causes him to have no symbol, while Lethys appears with Khazar's symbol. This can be fixed by exiting the game and the reentering it.
  • Despite Khazar's friendly attitude and cooperative nature with the player, it may be possible Khazar plotted to betray & destroy the player after he/she helps him in his war with Lethys in which he was losing badly.
  • No matter what the player does, Khazar cannot be saved.
  • You can actually interact with his creature as if it were your own, besides having a leash you can whack him or reward him to eat.