Impressiveness in Black and White 2 and its expansion Battle of the Gods is a town modifier. It affects how big your influence ring is, how happy your people are, and is the only other way to capture towns without using force.

Building ImpressivenessEdit

All buildings in Black and White have a base impressiveness level, which is how much they will add to the total impressiveness of its town if all other impressiveness modifiers have a net value of 0. The amount actually adds to the town, however is effected by:

  • Location: If its on higher ground or is on a cliff, it will add impressiveness to the building. However, if its at the base of a cliff or is on lower ground, or on an otherwise unsightly area, it will have negative effects on impressiveness.
  • Number of same buildings: If you have 1 other building of the same kind, it will still lower it's overall impressiveness, but to a lesser extent than if you had 5 or 6. It i unconfirmed if the number of the same building doesn't start effecting the impressiveness of the next only after a cap has been reached.
  • Happiness, productivity, and other modifiers: Impressiveness is also affected by how much happiness it gives, and how much productivity it yields, though this does not effect it very noticeably.

Impressiveness to CaptureEdit

All towns and settlements have an impressiveness value. based on a calculation that takes into a count hat towns impressiveness, population, distance from your town, its happiness, and most likely a set amount added in afterwards based on the land and/or whether or not its controlled by the enemy and/or if its the capital of that land, it calculates all of that into a number of impressiveness in which if you have that amount of impressiveness you gain control of that said town.

Impressiveness is usually the easiest way to win, seeming as you easily rack it up just by tending to your villagers so they won't complain. However, if it gets to the point where all they want is embelishment and any buildings that add over 1,000 impressiveness. In that case it isn't cost effective anymore, it is then easier to win by warfare. 

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