Tortoise good

A good creature, entertaining villagers for belief.

Good is one of the possible alignments in Black & White and its sequel.

Actions aimed towards mercy and compassion will shift a god or a creature (depending on who performs such acts) towards good.

Black & WhiteEdit

In the first game, there is no immediate sign that one's alignment is changing towards good. Such changes can only be observed with constant good acts.

A good god can see the following changes:

  • The hand/cursor will start to glow and the nails become colorful.
  • The temple becomes white.
  • The voice heard when a villager is moved from his/her village to another becomes female and soothing.
  • The music heard within the god's influence becomes calm and more peaceful.
  • The area within the god's influence will have white birds flying around and the sky gets brighter and clearer.
  • A rainbow will appear in the sky over the god's realm.
  • Whitey will be surprised, should the god commit an evil action.

Becoming GoodEdit

In the first Black & White game, a good god will always try and keep the desire flags at the village store the lowest they can, use good miracles (such as food or heal), convert other villages by helping them instead of by force, protect their own villages with shields when they come under attack, gain prayer power by having villagers worshipping and never by sacrificing them, complete scroll quests in a good way and build many houses.

The creatureEdit

The creature has its own alignment which can be different, or even completly opposite of that of the player.

A good creature will normally have its features (i.e. horns, claws, teeth, etc) reduced and rounded and will generally develop a brighter colored appearance. In addition, the creature will be surrounded in a sparkling aura, and its posture will improve, causing it to stand erect and noble.

To shift a creature's alignment towards good, a god has to punish its evil ects and reward good ones (it should be noticed that taking grain from the village store, getting food from fields, fish farms, and from animals that are being "watched" and used by farmers/fishermen/sheepherders is considered stealing and will shift one's alignment towards evil), as well as teaching him good miracles (although it's advised to have at least a fireball miracle taught to the creature for self-defense, especially if the creature has poor strength). Players having trouble keeping a creature from being evil may choose to leash it with the Leash of Compassion. That'll force it to be good.

List of good miraclesEdit

Black & White 2Edit

In Black & White 2, it's a lot easier for the player to keep track of his/her alignment by simply looking at the indicators, such as the fountain at the town center or the words "good" and "evil" that float on the screen for a few seconds whenever an action is performed.

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