Fusing the Three Creeds is a non-scroll challenge from Black & White. It is automatically triggered after the player defeats Mirror on Land 5. This is the final challenge of the game.

With Nemesis powerless and retreating to his temple to rebuild and vowing to return more powerful than ever, the player is forced to make a difficult decision: Fusing the power of three Creeds to wipe out Nemesis and risk the life of the creature, or leave Nemesis be, risking his return as a more powerful god.

The SolutionEdit

After deducting the location of the third and final creed, the player mutst guide his/her creature up the mountain trail and into the volcano that is behind Nemesis' temple.

The creature will fall inside the crater with the creeds. And the heat fuses them.

A powerful energy blast vaporizes Nemesis' temple wiping him out for good, making the player the one true god. All is not well, though, as the creature is battered and broken after a jump into the volcano crater. After the player heals him, the game is beaten.

Reward: The end of the game.


  • During the credits roll, the player will see many of the NPCs from previous lands, and they all group up to apploud the player when the credits end.
  • If the player chooses to continue playing, he/she will notice that the time will stop in perpetual sunset. Most villagers will be sleeping and the creatures he/she might have unlocked on Land 5 will no longer be tradeable. The player may restart the game keeping his old creature or choosing a new one, though, if he/she has patch 1.1 or higher installed.

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