An extreme fireball miracle.

Extreme miracles the most powerful miracles featured on Black & White.

Only four evil miracles used for attack can be extreme. The other miracles featured on the game have only a basic, or basic and increased form.

An extreme miracle will have two glowing rings around it, to help the player identify it. They can be encased in one-shot miracle bubbles by using a miracle dispenser just like any other miracle.

These miracles increase the power or add a previously unexistant effect to its basic form, but cost more prayer power to be cast.

List of Extreme MiraclesEdit

Below is a list of every miracle that has an extreme form as well as its effects.

  • Fireball - Eight fireballs are cast at once.
  • Storm - Damaging lightning and a tornado are added to the miracle.
  • Lightning - Miracle spreads in a wider area, even larger than the increased version, and causes more damage.
  • Mega-Blast - Seven explosive beams of light are cast in succession, and then, a volley of beams bombard the targeted area, destroying everything.

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