The priest sacrifices a child.

"Kill me, and you'll kill them all!"

- The Priest Elder

Eternal Youth is a non-scroll challenge featured in Black & White. It is located at the neutral Greek village on Land 2 and will not become available until the player assumes control of said village.

The ChallengeEdit

Upon getting to the village and pressing the S key, one will notice that almost every villager is 17 years old except for two of them: a priest elder and a youngling. Whenever a villager turns 18, the elder kills the child so they all become 17 again.

The player is then faced with a dilemma: if he/she allows the priest to continue his work, he/she must accept the constant children sacrifice. If the player decides to kill the priest, however, every single villager will die and the village will be wiped out (although it can still be repopulated by relocating villagers there).

Reward: Permanently young villagers or an empty village that must be repopulated in order to be converted.

Strategies Edit

If you don't like violence, and don't approve of this whole eternal youth thing, you can resolve the situation by depopulating the village. Move all the adults to other villages, then do away with the priest. For extra karma, throw him through the portal to the next land instead of actually killing him. Then you have an empty village, but no one had to die. (This strategy is not known to affect alignment. It's just technically bloodless, if you like that kind of thing.)

If you don't like violence, but you like the eternal youth idea, you can engineer a situation in which the priest has no targets to sacrifice. Remove all the women from the village. There will be no more children, so the sacrifices will stop. You can then add men to grow the village to the exact size you would like. (This strategy may be considered sexist, but I don't think the game factors that into the player's alignment.)

Critical mass hypothesis: If the rate at which the priest kills children is limited and sufficiently low, then the village should be able to grow without limit if the birth rate can be raised higher than the kill rate. Any children who make it to adulthood should be permanent additions. The necessary birth rate might be achieved just by adding women to the village and possibly making disciple breeders. This strategy has not been tested; expect unforeseen problems.

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