Village Store

A village store with sereval desire flags.

Desire Flags are used by villagers to inform gods of their desires. They appear on their village store, workshop and worship site.

As the village's prayers are answered, the flag gradually drops. If the desires go unnatended, the flags tends to rise up.

Hovering the hand over a flag shows the player how badly the people want a particular desire granted, ranging from 0% to 100%.

Desire Flags Edit

Village Store Edit


Symbol: Wheat
Meaning: The villagers need more food.


Symbol: Tree
Meaning: The villagers need more wood.


Symbol: Bricks
Meaning: The Villagers need more homes.


Symbol: Heart
Meaning: The villagers want more children.

Civic Buildings:

Symbol: A Building
Meaning: Your village still doesn't have one (or all) of the following: Workshop, Crèche, Graveyard.


Symbol: Shield
Meaning: Someone (or something) is attacking the village.


Symbol: Praying Hands
Meaning: A god (or his creature) is attacking his/her own village

Worship Site Edit

Food Desire: The worshippers need more food. Represented by a man pointing at his own mouth.

Sleeping Desire: The worshippers need to sleep. This can be solved either by lowering the village totem or casting a healing miracle at them. Represented by a bed and Z letters.

Worshippers Desire: A flag which rarely shows up. It means a god has more active miracles than his/her worshippers can maintain at the same time (I.E. forests, shields, storms, etc.). This causes the flame at the altar to start flashing. Solved by cancelling some of the active miracles or by sacrificing/adding more worshippers to the worship site.

Workshop Edit


Symbol: Tree
Meaning: More wood is needed before a scaffolding can be built.


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