Strength is a creature attribute in Black & White. It determines which objects a creature is able to carry as well as how much damage it can deal with attacks in combat. It ranges from 0% (weakest) to 100% (strongest).

Strength varies from creature to creature, with felines generally being the strongest and primates being the weakest (although exceptions like the Gorilla do exist).

Strength can be increased if a creature carries and/or throws objects such as trees and rocks. Fighting other creatures in combat can also develop strength.

The strenghten creature miracle increases this stat to 100% no matter how low it is, although it is only temporary.

Lack of exercise, and constant sleeping can decrease a creature's strength, gradually reducing it back to 0%.

The weaken creature miracle decreases this stat to 0% no matter how high it is, although it is only temporary.

The strength of a creature can be seen at any time by going to the creature cave and checking the scrolls on the wall there (pressing F5 will instantly take the player there).

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