Creature pen

The creature pen.


Though a creature can sleep anywhere he wants, the creature pen is the best choice. Training him to sleep in his pen is important. While sleeping in the pen, he grows quicker, heals faster, and feels rested more quickly, meaning he’ll be up and working or fighting again sooner. The creature pen doesn’t require any tribute to purchase, and it’s available to the player from the time he/she first selects a creature. Building the pen should be a moderately high priority, not only for the creature’s sake, but for town expansion reasons: it increases the influence ring significantly.


Tribute cost: 0
Ore cost: 0
Wood cost: 3,000
Base Impressiveness: 800
Influence ring effect: 48
Base Capacity: N/A
Maximum Capacity: N/A

  1. Creature Growth
  2. Creature Rest

Black and White
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Three Scaffolds Creche / Graveyard / Village Store / Workshop
Four / Five Scaffolds Field / Village Center
Six / Seven Scaffolds Miracle Dispenser / Wonder
Other Temple / Worship Site
Black And White 2
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