A Zebra kicks an Ogre.

Creature combat is a gameplay mechanic and an important element of both Black & White and its sequel.

It involves two creatures engaging in both physical combat and spellcasting (via miracles previously taught) until one of them has its health dropped to zero, causing it to faint and respawn at the creature's pen in front of the temple, or die (if it is a neutral creature without an owner, such as the first game's ogres).

Black & White Edit

In the first game, all a player has to do to start a fight is right-click the rival creature while having its own creature leashed to the hand with the leash of aggression.

An arena will appear, indicated by a circle of while light. The creatures will then taunt each other briefly and get in the arena, so that the combat may begin.

The combat itself has very simple controls. The creature may fight on its own (fully automatic fight) or the player may choose to guide it manually. The action button issues every command and gestures are used to cast miracles and use the special attack. The move button works too.

To attack a creature, the player must click on a part of the rival creature's body. To block, the player must click on his own creature. To dodge, the player must click on the desired direction on the ground.

The special attack command is issued by making the pentagram gesture (same as mega-blast's). It is a slower, more powerful attack. Each and every command mentioned above can be queued.

When a creature is pushed out of the arena, the rival creature will not attack it until it has reentered the circle.

Creatures are affected by two stats during combat: Strength increases the damage the creature can deal per attack. And fatness increases damage a creature can withstand, but it also decreases fighting speed and reflexes. A good fighter will typically have the highest amount of strength possible and a balanced amount of fatness.

Black & White 2 Edit

In the second game, combat is largely automatic. There are a few factors which decide what creature is stronger, but which they are is unknown. It is speculated that the main factor is size. But fitness and muscle seem to also have an effect. Creatures fight with a variety of combat moves, and can also use miracles and special attacks. Creatures can also pick up and throw objects at one another, as well as throw the other creature down or knock them into buildings for extra damage. You or the enemy's soldiers may also engage the creatures in combat as well.

When one creature is vastly superior to the other, they might grapple them by knocking them over and jumping on top of them to punch them over and over until they fall. If this happens to your creature, you can help your creature escape by equipping the leash and telling it to move. Similar to the first game, creatures will become bruised and bloody in their battles, and will require rest afterward. If a creature is defeated in combat, they will respawn at your temple in several in-game minutes.

Trivia Edit

  • In Black & White, combat will only occur if the fighters are roughly the same size.
  • Creatures suffer a small growth penalty each time they are defeated in combat.

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