Bw1 creaturebreeder

The breeder's hut on Land 1.

The Creature Breeder is a silver reward scroll challenge which allows the player to exchange his/her current creature for one that has been downloaded. It is available on Land 1 and Land 4 of Black and White 1.

Once the scroll is clicked, the Breeder will come out and offer creatures to the player. Creatures will only be available if the player had previously downloaded and installed the desired creature's pack. Otherwise, no creatures will be available. After the player swaps creature, the breeder will keep his/her old creature, in case the player changes his/her mind.

The following creatures can be downloaded and found with the creature breeder:

  • Mandrill

    Land 4 breeder with all the available creatures.

Trivia Edit

  • If the player clicks the breeder after having downloaded many (or all) creatures, the game may crash, it is advised to save before interacting with the breeder. This bug may cause the player's old creature to be lost forever.

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