In Black & White, a Civic Building is a building that does not shelter villagers, but instead provide some benefit to them. It costs 3 scaffoldings to make one. There are four different civic buildings in Black & White: the village store, the workshop, the graveyard and the crèche

Civic Buildings Edit

Village Store Edit

Main article: Village Store

Allows villagers to store food and wood and shows desire flags which indicate to gods and creatures what the people want.

Workshop Edit

Main article: Workshop

Allows the player to build scaffoldings which can be used to construct other buildings in game. Has a desire flag indicating how much wood is needed before a scaffolding is produced as well as a yard where up to three scaffoldings can be kept at the same time.

Graveyard Edit

Main article: Graveyard

Makes dead bodies disappear much faster than normal rate, allowing villagers to focus on their tasks instead of mourning the dead.

Crèche Edit

Main article: Crèche

Gives children a safe place to spend the day at and encourages a village to have more offspring.

Black and White
One / Two Scaffolds Small Abode / Large Abode
Three Scaffolds Creche / Graveyard / Village Store / Workshop
Four / Five Scaffolds Field / Village Center
Six / Seven Scaffolds Miracle Dispenser / Wonder
Other Temple / Worship Site
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