The Brown Bear (Ursus arctos) is a Creature of Black & White.

How to unlock Edit

Complete the Swap to Brown Bear challenge on Land 5.

Alignment Edit

The natural alignment of the Brown Bear is evil.

Neutral look Edit

The neutral look of the Brown Bear is a normal bear.

Good look Edit

The good look of the Brown Bear is a yellow, shiny bear.

Evil look Edit


An evil Brown Bear.

The evil look of the Brown Bear is a smoky dark brown bear with long claws.

Al Characteristics Edit

Here is a rough idea of the characteristics of the Brown Bear:

  • speed = 6
  • strength = 7
  • intelligence = 7

General description Edit

Very good battler and alright village keeper: this is a good Creature. Its only disadvantage is that it tends to have a habit of overeating, also it kinda has a pooing problem. The Brown Bear and the Polar Bear are almost exactly the same. They both have good strength and intelligence, and average speed.

The Guide

The Brown Bear is one of the three possible forms of The Guide. It is chosen if the player picks the Ape as his/her starting Creature.

Black and White
Starting Creatures Ape / Cow / Tiger
Unlockable Creatures Brown Bear / Chimpanzee / Lion / Polar Bear / Sheep / Tortoise / Wolf / Zebra
Creature Isle Only Chicken / Crocodile / Rhinoceros
Hacked Creatures Ogre / Rhinoceros
Patch Only Gorilla / Horse / Leopard / Mandrill
Black and White 2
Starting Creatures Cow / Lion / Ape / Wolf
Unlockable Creatures Tiger
Battle of the gods Starting Creature Turtle
Antagonist Creatures Wolf / Tiger / Gorilla / Undead Gorilla