An Altar.

The Altar is a structure in Black and White 2. It is available to build after progressing through the tutorial lands.

The Altar is necessary to perform miracles. As worshippers use the Altar, mana is produced and stored. Additionally, the player may sacrifice people at the Altar by dropping them in the pyre at the top of the Altar, which will instantly produce mana, as well as shift his/her alignment towards evil and gives you 2.000 mana. Each miracle has a mana cost.

There are six miracles that, once obtained, can be produced from the Altar

The expansion Black and White 2: Battle of the Gods introduces an additional four miracles.

When adult villagers are placed at the altar, they become Disciple Worshippers.

Building an Altar has no effect on alignment.


The Altar in different alignments


Your population worships you here. Their devotion increases your power and magnificence.


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